Monetize your business with a fast and reliable payment gateway.

We process payments and collect funds for our customers. Acting as a one-for-all payment partner, we help online merchants to reach their customers to pay – locally and internationally.

Various options for ease and fast integration with the Woohoo Merchant Payment Gateway.

Every business is unique! Our flexible API offers the absolute freedom to realize even very individual projects. Your developers will love our easy-to-use and customizable interface. The robust and scalable platform guarantees PCI-DSS Level 1 quality, high performance and the basis for exciting user experiences – worldwide.

Integrate with us

Fast and secure via payment plugins for your shopping cart system such as Magento, WooCommerce or Shopware. Check for the list of shopping cart systems we already cover for you.

Take advantage of our pre-configured and customizable selection and payment page templates.

Create your own payment page and combine it with our secure payment.js solution. Benefit from checkouts without redirects and release yourself from PCI-DSS compliance burden.

Realize your individual business solution with our full and pure server-to-server integration. You do not have to be a payment expert! Our integration team will discuss with you from the outset how our payment gateway best suits your individual business model and needs. Our personal consulting approach for your success.

An online payment gateway that allows you to use a variety of payment options.

With a single point of contact to our payment gateway, we enable you to offer the best payment mix out of actually more than 100 payment methods. From major players like MasterCard and Visa to local and country-specific options like P24. Modify the payment mix flexibly to changes in your markets and remove or add new payment methods. We will surprise you with the speed with which it is made.

A payment processing solution that comes with full functionality.

Real-time access to your payment processing data

All your transactions are processed on our high-performance platform, which gives you instant visibility into the performance of your business and your earnings. Create your personal cockpit with MyPayments to learn more about what’s going on.

Risk management and chargeback handling

We run our own risk engine on the platform, which performs real-time fraud monitoring and risk management to minimize chargebacks. If there are chargebacks, MyPayments offers you all the tools to handle chargebacks professionally.

Turn away risk from your business with 3D Secure

We support 3D Secure Payer Authentication (i.e. Verified by Visa, MasterCard SecureCode) to enhance security for card transactions. Our payment gateway provides direct MPI service, to allow high-performance and to improve conversion rate.

The platform offers you to define the usage of 3D Secure – mandatory, optional or disabled. With activation of 3D Secure, we check the card for being enrolled in one of the 3D Secure programs and complete the payment transaction after verifying the customer through his issuing bank.

Get more revenue with recurring payments

The DIMOCO payment gateway provides you with a ready-to-go solution for recurring payments, already with a scheduler integrated. Plan subscriptions for payment processing in the most flexible way. Learn more about recurring payments.


Collecting funds. Online payment services that simplify complexity.

We collect funds from all payment transactions and remit them as a bundled payment instead of having to manage different contracts, payment cycles and terms for each payment method. In conjunction with detailed reporting, we settle in various different currencies with your bank account. Clearing has never been so easy.

One connection & one contract to have access to a variety of payment methods

One settlement with detailed reports that are accessible and
downloadable through MyPayments

Settlement currencies: EUR, GBP, USD, CHF, DKK and more, if needed.