Get speed payments with a dedicated link to your company


The easy way to accept payments by email


Want to make getting paid easier? Course you do. Taking card payments by email means it’s as simple as sending a link from your secure online terminal. All your customers need to do is click it and enter their card details. Honestly, it’s that simple. Pick the package that’s right for your business and enjoy no long-term commitments and no cancellation fees. No problem.

Fast, secure card payments by email.


Paying by email is an easy way to invoice customers and settle bills. And everyone’s at it – from hotels taking bookings to builders completing a job.

Simply log in to our easy-to-use portal from any computer or mobile device, and send your email with the invoice and payment link. Job done. Want to brand your emails? Can do. What about tracking payments? Of course – we make it really easy.

World Class


The portal accepts all major credit and debit cards, like Visa, Mastercard and Maestro. And your payment links can even be sent internationally, so you can sell to the whole world.

World Class. It’s all super safe too as our portal uses SSL secure payment technology (it’s serious stuff). Setting up email payments is easy. Just contact us for a quote and we’ll let you know which package best suits your business. Then in just 24 hours, you can be all set to start pressing send.

1. Log in Enter your details securely to access your Merchant Management System.
2. Enter payment details Fill in the customer information and payment amount.
3. Email a link Create an invoice and payment link so your customer can pay instantly.