Are you the owner or manager of a Car Dealership searching for an easy-to-use and reliable payment processing system for customer transactions?

In a busy sales environment like yours, do you find yourself frustrated by a complicated point of sale system that adds stress to your workday? Are exorbitant processing fees cutting into your already-slim profit margins? 

At Woohoo Merchant we’ve developed a payment processing solution designed to help auto dealers.

Card payments within the automotive sector


70% of businesses believe that accepting card improves their security as it alleviates the risks of holding cash on the premises.

The value of an average card transaction (€29.48) almost three times more than the average cash purchase (€10.53) for petrol retailers

Increasing the volume of card payments to 80% of accepted payments can play a crucial part in lowering admin costs, saving a business as much as €15,000 annually.

Our sophisticated back end payment systems are designed to manage your high-cost transactions and financing plans while tracking your transactions using practical, easy-to-use analytics software.