Woohoo AR Solutions is:

Ecommerce Unlimited

Woohoo AR provides you with a powerful end-to-end augmented reality platform designed specifically to increase online sales. Engage, convert and drive your bottom line.
Enhance customer engagement.
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Increase add to cart rates.
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Reduce product returns.
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Track and measure.
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Get up to 2000% more customer product engagement time using 3D/AR on your website.
See up to 400% more view to cart conversions with AR versions of your products.
Diminish buyers remorse before it happens. Reduce your product returns— by up to 50%.
Use our powerful analytics dashboard to track and measure your ROI. View increased product engagement and interaction.

Sell more products.

Easy. Really easy. 

Using and implementing augmented reality couldn’t be easier—no special training required. Whether creating 3D/AR versions of your product or integrating them into your e-commerce site, we make it easy for you to get started and to drive more sales.

Small investment. Big impact.

See how a little goes a long way. Use our analytics dashboard to track and measure increased product engagement, interaction and new revenues —in real-time.

Virtual Try-On

Let your customers try on products directly from your website. Get in touch and add virtual try-on to your products!

White label Augmented Reality app

Launch your own state of the art AR app for your brand! Specific to your identity and your products.

Cutting-edge AR technology
Product variants support
Multiple products in AR
Brand specific colours and theme
Shopify Checkout
Android & iOS

It’s the future of shopping.

Use 3D Web augmented reality to create exciting and compelling shopping experiences that drive customer interaction and enhance conversion rates and sales.

Woohoo’s AR solutions are viewer ready and can be experienced in any regular browser without having to download any special software or apps.